“The Risks and Responsibilities of Free Speech” Part 2

The role of social media in the press today, an ever-changing role, is proving to be even more important than was originally thought, especially in regards to free speech. Since various forms of social media open the discussion to more types of people with a wider range of strengths, weaknesses, opinions, and abilities, more in-depth discussions can be had on the topic. Specifically, social media often serves as the ‘bridge’ to another world, whether that realm be a world entirely different from your own or connecting with your Facebook friends through a shared common interest over a political view. Social media is able to give a new perspective on an issue or problem for people to interpret in their own way, empowering them to passively share their views on an issue they care greatly about. Often times, the internet’s social media outlets are able to carry news faster than the typical next-day press, or even word-of-mouth communication. It has quickly become a source of information on which we rely for our daily updates on everything from the latest shoe trend to the location of Obama’s next press conference. With information so readily accessible, it is imperative that the press, and even we, as bloggers, provides the correct information when making a new post. After all, social media has the ability to reach us all in one format or another, and it is important for the knowledge conveyed to be accurate.


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